The Lefkandi-Xeropolis excavation is under the aegis of the British School at Athens. The director, Irene S. Lemos would like to thank the Greek Ministry of Culture and the IA’ Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities for issuing permits to excavate and to study and for facilitating our work. We thank especially the archaeologists: Mrs Amalia Karapaschalidou, Mrs Rozina Kolonia, and Mrs Athanasia Psalti.


The excavation is generously supported by the Packard Humanities Institute which has also funded the purchase of land making it possible to dig on Xeropolis. We thank earnestly the president of PHI, Dr David Packard for his generous and unfailing support. We are also grateful to Professor John Camp and Professor Richard Hodges for their valuable advice and support.

Funds have also received from:

The Institute for Aegean Prehistory; The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation; The British School at Athens; The Munro Committee of the University of Edinburgh; The Carnegie Trust for Scottish Universities


Academic acknowledgements:

A number of colleagues have helped the project with valuable advice.
We thank especially Dr Paul Halstead for his consistent support especially in matters of bio-archaeology and the study of animal bones. We also thank Professor Donald Davidson and Dr Clare Wilson (University of Sterling) for their collaboration in the geoarchaeological studies. Dr Apostolos Sarris was involved in the geophysical survey in 2005; we also thank Dr Nikolaos Koukouzas for advice on the geology of the area.

We also acknowledge the annual visits during excavation of Hugh Sackett, Dr Jim Coulton, Professor Alexander Mazarakis-Ainian, Professor Sigrid Deger-Jalkotzy, and Dr Fanouria Dakoronia.

We would also like to thank the Mayor of the demos Lelantion for much support and the community at Lefkandi, especially the extended family of Tasos and Toula Patta.

The texts of the website are all by Irene S Lemos unless otherwise stated.

Greek translation by Dr Antonia Livieratou and Giorgos Terzis.
The website was designed by Dr Marina Thomatos

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